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Honored to help clients achieve their ideal aquarum 

Client Reviews


"We just recently hired Justin to provide maintenance for our aquarium as we're very new to this venture and we started to experience some issues rather quickly.  However I'm pleased to say that Justin has successfully fixed the issue for us.  

Therefore, I will definitely be referring other's to the Aqua King Aquarium Services and I promise you that you'll be completely satisfied with the experience and excellent service that will be provided to you in a very professional manner."   5-Stars 


"Justin provides amazing service for your saltwater tank!  I've had my tank for over ten years, and I've never been able to maintain fish or coral over a period of time.  My tank almost crashed, and Justin turned it around for me.  Now, I have five fish and eight corals.  Both are flourishing!!!!!  Justin educates you and provides a wide array of product options when servicing your tank.  Call him today, you won't regret it!!!"   5-stars

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180 Gallon African Cichlid Aquarium

This aquarium is serviced monthly, which is typical for my freshwater clients. 

220 Gallon Mixed Reef Aquarium

This aquarium is service every two weeks, reef aquariums will do the best, when they receive service weekly or every two weeks.  This will allow your corals and fish to thrive!

150 Gallon Freshwater Planted Aquarium

Planted aquariums will thrive with monthly or with service every two weeks.  Maintenance needs for planted aquariums are determined by the types of plants and growth rate.

The Aqua King Aquarium Service LLC

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